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Нужна Ли категории с фильмами про футбол и новостями ? ?
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PES 15 Patch Universel Frenchies's Team Pes V 1.0

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19.04.2019, 12:09

Our patcheur thinks of taking(bringing) out the Patch such as it is before this weekend and hopes that he(it) will serve as base(basis) for a maximum of FO PC thus think of making turn(shoot). An update is planned to stop deleting(eliminating) fakes names 

- Compatible with Pack 1.0 and the version 1.01.00 and on-line

- Replacement of Edit.bin PTE by Frenchies's Edit.bin to make compatible shirts and logos international teams. Notre Edit.bin is of origin and all the logos clubs and competitions are of us.

- 100 % kits for EPL, SkyBet, Sagres and National Europe (Fact) (use of the patch kits PTE [3 modifications has to fix indicated]) The patch works perfectly without shirts PTE

- 100 % of names and logos clubs / national competitions / teams (Fact) 

- 100 % of the audio names of cities for EPL And Bundesliga ( fact) 

- 100 % of the names of stages(stadiums) for EPL, SkyBet, Get to join forces 1, Gets to join forces 2, Puts into series In, B-movie, Eredivisie, Liga BBVA, Gets to join forces Adelante and Liga Sagres ( fact) 

- 100 % of the real names of the trainers as well as their photos for EPL, SkyBet, Bundesliga, League 1, Gets to join forces 2, Puts into series In, B-movie, Eredivisie, Liga BBVA, Liga Adelante, Primeira Liga, Brasileiro, Other European women, National teams Europe (fact) 

- All the rival clubs were put for EPL, League 1, Gets to join forces BBVA, Eredivisie, Argentine Division, Primeira Liga, Put into series In and B-movie.

- 100 % Banners for EPL ( fact) 

- All the national teams Europe have more of fakes (no statistics of stakes) and all the doubles(doubloons) in free which will be used for other players (9 selections were exported to put back(to hand) after the DLC) 

- Faces made for: Zizou, Sahin, Aubameyang, Kahn 

- 100 % of the real names for the players Classics (fact) 

- 100 % of the false name National teams corrected (fact) 

To come the correction of the false name players of the national teams (Europe it is made) 

Creations of staff Bundesliga to come 

Note(Mark): if you import teams on this FO you will lose all the banners, the rivals etc. clubs, and you will owe load(charge) photos trainers ( 294 )

Special ttnnks to PTE

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